Alaron 31 day wall clock

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I stopped my clock from chiming because we had house guests that it disturbed at night. Now that I wish to restart the chimes, I can't find my booklet and do not know how to get it to chime the hour number. Right now, it will only chime once on each hour and once each half hour. Thank you for your time in answering my question.


I have been trying to locate an Alaron wall clock so that I might replicate the problems you are having and thus relating to you how to correct. Unfortunately I have been unable to do so. The next alternative is to ask you, whether or not, you could remove the hands and face of the clock thereby gain access to the front of the movement? If you can do that, I can most likely tell you exactly what to look for and how to make corrections. I suspect what has happened is that the strike shut off lever has gotten something out of position, prohibiting the strike rack from falling into its proper position. (The strike rack controls the number of blows the hammers make to the gong.) If you wish to try this, I will need your e-mail address so that I can transmit drawings, if needed.


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