Anchoring headings

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Have read your previous answers on this but sorry I cannot locate the Window>Freeze panel you are talking about. Help please.


It may have been someone else, I don't remember answering a question on "freeze panel".

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but I will give it a guess.

You can use the "window split" feature to freeze a section of a worksheet while scrolling thru the other section. That is located at toolbar/window/split. If you select thiswill split the window wherever the cursor is at the time you select it. To deselect simply go back to the toolbar/window/remove split.

Another possibility would be that you want to select rows or solumns to print on ever page when you print your sheet. To do this go to toolbar/view/header/sheet click in the rows to repeat at top then go to the worksheet and select the rows yu want to repeat then . Do the same for the columns to repeat at left then click ok. When you print the selected print area these rows and columns will be printed on each page.


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