Ansonia b22 movement tambour

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Hello. I recently received a gift of an Ansonia tambour clock, B22 movement. I have a winding key, a No. 5, 3.5mm. I need a key for the speed adjustment. By my measurement, it's 2mm, but I may be wrong. Do you know the correct size? Do you sell double-end key to fit? Also, can I lubricate clock myself, or is that a job for an expert? What type of lubricant is used? Lots of Qs. Thanks for any help.


2mm should be correct. Trademark double-end key is available here- You might want to have a repairman take a look at it if the service history is unknown. It might need to be cleaned instead of just oiled. Also, if there is already sufficient oil on the bearings, adding more or over oiling can be almost as detrimental as no oil at all. The best quality of oil is available in a kit here- (13755)


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