Ansonia monarch movement

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I bought an old Ansonia Monarch clock which is in pieces, but fortunately the pieces are in good shape. My question is with the movement. It appears to be original and fits the mounting holes, but the movement is a square shaped movement which chimes on a bell. The movement looks more like an old Welch movement. It runs and is in relatively good shape except for a great need for a good cleaning. It even has the winding stops you see on some of these old movements. It is marked Ansonia Clock Company and Patented October 7 1876. Could this be the original movement for the clock? Most Ansonia movements I have seen have a rounded top and the bottom is generally rounded in the same arch as the top.


Richard, I have seen quite a few differently shaped Ansonia movments such as the rounded top, rectangular and completely round. If the mounting holes match up and there is an official Ansonia logo on the movement, I would say it is an original Ansonia for the case. I have just completed working on one that does have the stop work gears on it.


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