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QUESTION: I received a pocket watch that belonged to my great grandfather. I'm trying to find out how old it is. The only markings I can find on the watch are.. a crown stamp and the words Philadelphia Watch Case Co. I believe the serial number is 8235924. However, there is some even small numbers that are B1418Tc. Any information would be appreciated. It is a beautiful watch and I'm surprised that the timepiece still works. Thank you. Jon Newsom


Wow, that is a great family heirloom. I would suggest writing down all the history you know about your great grandfather and all the other owners of the watch. It will certainly add to the sentimental value when you pass it down to the next generation.

If you can open the back of the case and tell me what is written on the movement, I will be able to tell you the approximate age of the watch.

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Thank you for the information. I was able to obtain additional information on the timepiece I have. It is: 16 size, 17 jewel, Pendant set, Hunters case (Elgin) Case# 8235924. The serial # for the watch is: # 12657260. I'm trying to find out how old it is and any information would be appreciated.

Thank you again for your time. Jon Newsom



I am going to assume that the movement is also Elgin but you should not.

This watch may have been re-cased. Confirm that it is an Elgin movement. If it is not, the information I am providing is invalid.

BUT, if we assume that it is an Elgin,

I go to and look in the database using the serial number.

Serial Number SN Range RunQty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc.

-------- ------ ---- ---- ----- ---- ------ ------ ------------
     12657260  12657001   1000      1906 339*   16s hbn6p     17j e

grade total runs first yr last yr class size code jewels Adj/name

----- ----- -------- ------- ----- ---- ------ ------ ----------

339 50500 38 1904 1909 107 16s hbn6p 17j

By looking at the above chart, you can see that your watch model was made between 1904 and 1909. Your specific watch was made in 1906.


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