Antique pocket watch repair

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I recently sent a family watch (ladies gold watch from the Dublin Exposition in 1907) to a repair shop in the neighborhood. I know this is a European watch but maybe you can help. The repairman said that the "click gear" is missing. He estimates that it should be about 1cm in size. The watch hadn't been opened in over 50 years so who knows what happened. All I can read on the watch is "INCO or ICO Geneve 1890". Are there any sources for parts for a watch like this? I hate to give up on it.



Let me look into it.

I will let you know within a week or two if parts are available.

I need some more information from you.

If you can send a photo of the movement, that would be helpful.

I need to know the name on the movement and the size of the movement, not including the case.

Depending on how badly you want it fixed, you can have a part made if one is not available.


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