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Jolola watch

QUESTION: Hi I have a very old ladies watch of which I can not find anything on the maker and wondered if you might have heard about the company and/or where I could possible find out info for them

The watch is signed JOLOLA

                   17 jewels

There is no other writing anywhere on watch..would appreciate any info you might have.


ANSWER: Hello, Gerilynn. Are you sure about the spelling? Could you be mistaken about the letters? They are often quite elaborate. There is nothing recorded about a maker/retailer called JOLOLA in Kochmann, Tardy, Loomes or Baillie ("W&CMoftW" and "W,tH,D&M").

Can you post a picture? Where do you think it originates? - where only time will tell

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi - I am enclosing a picture and noticed when I took the top off to take a better picture it says Swiss at the very bottom which was covered up by the faceplate...I appreciate all you information


Sorry, Gerilynn. You have me there. When you said VERY old I was thinking of a ladies pocket watch but this wristwatch probably dates from the 1950s - maybe a little earlier. I'm afraid I have only a limited knowledge of modern wristwatches and this make is not known to me.

I'm sorry that I can't help you on this. - where only time will tell


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