Any thing you might want to share, plus how to oil movement?

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I recently purchased a Sligh Grandfather Clock, Model No. 0845-1-AN. Can you tell me anything about it? Maybe for starters what year it was made? Here are some other Numbers on it: Serial No. A, Movement No. 8106, Dial No.9335, Weight Shell No. 3269, Pend No. 6341. Thank You, Rod. P.S. I almost forgot to ask , Do you happen to know where I could buy some of the orginal paper work that went with this Sligh Grandfather Clock?


Rod, there is very little published information on records of modern production clocks, and I have none on Sligh. The information you have given me includes Sligh item number designations, and with no cross-reference information I cannot help you. If you will contact me at my shop email address I will send you some general oiling information.

(Due to the number of Allexperts questions and the workload I have at my clock shop, I regret that I cannot answer personal email questions on a timely basis other than Allexperts follow ups.)


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