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QUESTION: I recently purchased a colonial of Zeeland grandfather clock Ser # 7300017 with the letters JANCHTICM Western Germany and 11-72 stamped into the back of the movement. I assume this is 30 plus years old and although it works properly I need to know if replacement parts are available. Thanks for you comments

ANSWER: Hi, Jay. I believe the 11-72 could be the date manufactured. The letters you showed are not familiar, but I believe the first letters could be Jauch and I'm still trying to determine what the TICM would mean. Is there a grouping on the lower left of the back of the movement like "Pendell 110cm"? Anyhow, Jauch in not in business anymore, but there are certain parts available fo the old movements or can be made. FYI, Colonial of Zeeland, MI, also is no longer in business. I was in Zeeland last month and took a photo of the old Colonial building, which has been beautifully refurbished and is now used for office suites. Let me know about the markings on the back of the movement and I'll see if I can find any more information.

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QUESTION: Hi John, I have some better info as it was very hard for my wife to see the data while I was writing it down. You were correct it is a JAUCH, with more info below that states P.L.61 cm, and #3060. Of the three weights only one is marked on the bottom and it looks like an H. I'm hoping it stays in the center as the old clock keeps perfect time. Thanks very much for your help.

ANSWER: You're welcome. If you need anything else, get back with me.

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QUESTION: John, I am still curious about the position of the three weights as two of the three are not marked and one has something that looks like an H on it. I located the H weight in the center of the other two weights


Jay, I apologize about the clarity of my answer, as I did not quite understand the questions, so let me start over.

First, the clockmaker Colonial, and the movement maker Jauch are no longer in business. Parts are available. Some general parts are available as new parts, others have to be taken from old movements that we keep for such purposes.

Concerning the weights, I wonder if someone put "H" on it for heaviest? If so, according to most clock setups, the heaviest one should go on the right (as you face the clock) for the chime. The Jauch data I have shows the grandmother chain driven Westminster movement with the 61cm pendulum as having 3 weights, the left one for the strike is 4 lb., the center one for the time is 4 lb. and the right one for the chime is 6 lb.

I hope this clears things up.

John Newman


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