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I have loved astronomy since I was a child. How can I get daily emails advising what astronomical events are happening ie: meteor shower, Aurora Borealis? I don't want to miss these events. I have recently moved to Illinois and don't even know where to go to view these events. I moved from Roanoke, Va. and we would go to Mill Mountain away from the city lights and it was a spectacular view. If you know of anywhere to go (I live near Wadsworth, Il) I would appreciate that information also. Have a great day, Mrs. Cherie Hicks


Hi Cherie, You can explore the site For events in the night sky, and even find yourself a club in that area...there are many astronomy clubs in the Northern Chicago area at

Anyway, that's the site I use, along with is another good site to keep track of events. So once you locate a nearby club, and make the necessary contacts, you can find out where they go out observing and go with them. Oh, another good site I use for the ISS and satellties going overhead is

Clear Skies, Tom Whiting Erie, PA can also punch up Punch on current events in the night sky as we have a webpage that lists the nightly events too. The next big event is the near full moon on Saturday evening occults the bright star Antares in Scorpius, but the moon is only 10 degrees high in the SE for Chicago area observers that evening.


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