Autofilter in Excel 2003

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I use this function to simplify the accounts of an Estate and I was wondering how I can 'edit' the filter to overcome the following example.

food-coles chq 123654 25/11/2009 food-woolies chq 963258 27/09/2009 food-aldi chq 852147 02/10/2009

Now, when I use the autofilter, it shows the 'food' expense as 3 different lines, because they are from different sources.

What I would like to see is 'food' from all 3 sources with details as one 'unit' when I select 'food'.

Is this possible, if so how?



The only easy way without VBA is to split the first column using the - as a separtor, ie text to columns, hopefully the other items are similar in layout, if not then it will be a little (or a lot) more difficult.

You can reply to my email at richard(dot)littlewing(at)gmail(dot)com as I will be on holidays from Allexperts by the end of the day.



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