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My name is Ashton i am 15 years old and i have myprogramme automatically updating lets say currency price.I need a macro(preferably formuale) that when a value in a certain cell equals a certain value i need to be send a email containing a sheet in that workbook.the reason i ask for a formulae apposed to a macro is that i need to do this for over 30000 cells and i cannot insert 30000 macros in 1 workbook please let me know if you can assist. ps i useso that would be prefered for the formulae.macro thanks a lot Ashton


a macro would work, you wouldn't need more than one, though the logic would need to be clear - the macro would run on the CALCULATE event of the workbook I assume (or possibly using a timer) and the code at ron de bruins site gives you the means for mailing files ( ) my email if needed is


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