Autopopulate cells using data from another sheet

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This is driving me nuts. Here's the scenario.

We have a six sheet workbook named legals. On the first worksheet (SUBS) there are two rows (F, & G) that need to have data. I have another sheet named CODES in the same workbook with the necessary data.

What I am trying to do is make it so when the user inputs a number (can be from a drop down or manual input) into F, cell G autopopulates data from the worksheet CODES.

The cells correspond as such:

SUBS row F = CODES row A SUBS row G = CODES row B

Any help would be appreciated


What about just copying and pasting a link to these cells in your other sheet. COPY the source row, then select the destination row, click PASTE SPECIAL and then PASTE LINK. Anytime the source row is updated, the destination row will change accordingly.


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