Baby food as part of a regular diet

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I was wondering if you can tell me if giving a 6 month old kitten Gerber babyfood as part of a regular diet is ok. At this time, I give her a small amount, about a teaspoon, of babyfood, either chicken, beef, or ham mixed in a small amount of low sodium chicken broth and mix it in her dry food. This seems to enhance the flavor and palatability of the dry and she loves it. I would like to do this for her as a long term thing, but concerend about any damage it may have on her kidneys or other organs. I don't give it to her no more than twice a day. Would babyfood as part of her diet be alright for her in the longrun? Thanks for your time.


I give my cats wet food in the morning, about a tablespoon apiece. But I buy canned food. They eat Science Diet for Senior cats and that is all the nutrition they need.

Baby food is expensive. I would also worry about the sodium in it as it is used to increase palatability for humans.Ham is never a good idea to give, regardless.

You would get more mileage for your dollar and wouldn't be risking the side effects of human food if you go with a canned food like Friskies. Stay away from the so-called premium foods as they are full of fat, sugar and have very little nutrition value.

I have been feeding and selling to my clients Science Diet for over 30 yrs. I have seen kittens and full grown cats grow up on it from cradle to grave. Most of these cats that are raised on SD live many years longer than the average age of a cat. You are building the foundation right now for the next 12- 19 years. Use a good solid base for her like Science Diet Kitten Growth. And no, Hills has no idea I still love it or recommend it, so I get no money from them! I just know it works. Measure out her food (dry) and a bag will last you a long time. Give it a try and let me know how she does in a month.


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