Bad electiric wiring in my apartment?

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Foremost thank you for taking the time to look into my inquiry. I hope I've provided all the necessary information to possibly diagnose our problem.

We're wondering if the electric in our apartment is wired badly or something. Essentially we've had at least one computer stop working because they overheated, a DVD player or two that sound like the motor just can't get going to load the DVD properly (which is maybe 3 months old) and an xbox that has had to be repaired 3 times due to the fan burning out. I don't know anyone who has to replace light bulbs as often as we do since they last only a couple of months, if that. All of this has occured the course of less than a year and I'd say it's happening more often.

We don't over exert or purchase substandard devices, so I don't think that this is normal. Could we be doing something wrong we don't know about? We're intelligent people with experience in operating and maintaining all of this technology.

Thank you!


That does not sound normal. I would get a meter and check the voltage. You can also get battery backups for the computer and other sensitive equipment that transfers the power to battery if the voltage gets too high. It should not be much over 120 volts.

If the apartment gets very hot, it could be a strain on the equipment too.


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