Barwick grandfather clock

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I recently acquired a grandfather clock with a three weight system and cannot figure out how to set the time and get the weights back up. Can you please shed some light on this for me? Thanks


It the weights hand from chains you simply pull the there side of each chain downward and the weight pulls up toward the top. You set the time by moving the minute hand. You can advance the minute hand. If the clock has a silent switch, put it to the silent position then move the minute hand forward to the correct time. Then turn the switch to the chime position. If the clock does not have a silent switch, stop every quarter and let the clock complete that section of the chime before advancing to the next quarter. Most modern grandfather clocks are designed so that you can safely turn the minute hand backwards to set the time. You can try this but if the hand does not want to go backwards through a 1/4 hour don't force it. clock parts and repair


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