Bathroom exhaust fan to new switch

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have a new bathroom exhaust fan (none there before). No light. Light is on wall with own switch. Older home. Can't access breaker box to run new home run. Used existing in crawl space attic. Apparantly there is a switch leg in the junction box in attic used to power the light switch we tried to jump off of to supply power to new switch and exhaust fan. The wires in attic are 12-2. How can we run a 14-3 to the fan from the attic junction box to supply the black,white,red, ground so the fan will work? The switch leg is messing us up... Thank You.


If the wire there is 12-2, then any wire you add to the circuit should be 12 gauge.

I can't give you specific information without more information of what is there. But in general, you will have a double switch loop. The black wire will bring power to both switches, and will be connected to the power source in the attic. The red and white wires will he hot wires that bring the power back from the switch. One will connect to the black wire of the light, the other will connect to the black wire of the fan. The neutral wires will not go to the switches at all, but will connect in the attic from the white power source to the white wires of the light and fan.

At the switch, the black wire will connect to one terminal of each switch. The red to the other terminal of one, and the white to the other terminal of the other one. Put black tape on the white wire on both ends to show it is hot.

If you need more information, as a follow up question and tell me more what is in the attic.


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