Battery/starter: '03 sebring coupe

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I have a 2004 seabring. This happened about a month ago first. I tried to start my coupe and it would not crank. I tried jumping it and nothing. then i twisted and cleaned the battery cable ends and got a new battery and it worked ok. Then it started to start slower like hard to roll over , no clicking , I had it tested and it said the alternator was good and worked till it got cold. now it will not start. I have all my lights radio and bells. Sound like the starter is not getting enough juice, My cable positive end its different than normal has a top wire and two bottoms and I don't know where to get one. the cable even tighten seem to move a bit when i push them. Please help! thanks Deb


Hi Deb, The current needed to operate the starter is much greater than for the lights, radio, 'bells'. So it may not be so unusual to have those working, but finding it hard to crank over the engine. I am not clear about what concerns you about the positive end of the battery cable. It may be that you have some circuit in the vehicle that is not shutting off when you park the car so the battery is being drained overnight, for example. To test for that you would want to borrow or buy a volt-ohm-amp meter and insert it between the - post clamp and the - post of the battery (after having remove the clamp from the post. The see what the current reading is about a half hour later. It should be less than 100 milliamps if things are OK from that point of view. According to the wiring diagrams for the coupe there are 4 wires attached to the + post clamp. The fattest wire is the one that goes to the starter motor, so you could examine the connection of that fat wire to the + clamp and along the wire just adjacent thereto to be sure that there is no corrosion/deterioration of that wire due to battery acid or other past insult. If that looks significant then replacing the wire/clamp as a whole, or buying a new clamp and re-wiring it may be what you need to improve the flow of current to the starter motor. Let me know how that interface/connection appears to be as regards its condition. If it looks alright, then checking the current draw on the battery when the vehicle is turned off is the next test that might explain why you are not getting good action from the starter circuit. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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