Baumritter Maple Bed Frame

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 06:09 PM GMT


I have a bed frame with Buamritter on a brass foil tag and a maple leaf ink stamped on an inside surface. it belonged to my late grandma so must date as least to prior to 1967. It needs refinishing. Does it have any particular value beyond the value I place on it as Grandma's bed?


I believe the story is that Baumritter was the founder of Ethan Allen, or bought it or something like that, (Im sure a Google search would help) I think it has more value with a good finish on it...just make sure you're getting that (a GOOD finish). It will be a sprayed on lacquer finish, and like the EA furniture, I would expect to see a high quality, multi layer finish utilizing 'toning' and other coloring techniques. This was all well made, quality furniture, and their finishes were well done.


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