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Not too long ago i noticed a beep coming from our dining room. After investigation it seems it is coming from a unused phone jack. it beeps about every minute or so. I cannot associate the beginning of this with any real changes or anything just started one day. A few days ago I noticed the same sound upstairs now. At first i thought it was the smoke detector. Again after further investigating it is nowhere near the smoke alarm it is coming from a light switch. It does not happen as often though actually sometimes very rarely. Please help point me in the right direction.


You might need GhostBusters, this is really odd. Do you understand the term induction? Short course, a wire running in parallel with another can sometimes have a signal or current or voltage induced into the wire from the other wire[s] running parallel to it,

Start looking for anything that "beeps" in your home. Is the beep the same tone, pitch and duration of say the smoke detector?

Many times a beep will come from say a smoke detector where the battery is becoming weak as warning to replace the battery, if you have found nothing that beeps like what you are hearing, look for all battery backed up or battery operated electric devices, smoke, Carbon, so on,

Sounds that move and change are probably echoing, and if this is what I think it is, [a low battery charge warning] the beep becomes weaker over time, as sooner or later it will stop all together, as the last of the battery is used up.

While the beep warning becomes weaker it does not "echo" the same way, it cannot reach a place to bounce of it could before,

That is my guess at least my first one. I have been successful in finding some weird sources of noise just by asking what seem like stupid questions, but look for the simple, look for the things that you rarely do any checking of, such as a smoke detector, or carbon detector,

Unless you are hearing things that are not REAL, there is a source and if it is what I think it is, you have limited time to find it.

personal e-mail is, write me there if you come up with more information and have done some checking, also get someone unfamiliar, like a trusted neighbor, who can take a listen, sometimes we look TOO HARD and miss the obvious,

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