Big bang theory

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Hello, Was there at least one inward secondary shock-wave during the initial expansion from the big bang, a reflected implosion off of the outward moving wavefront?

If so, wouldn't this wavefront meet at the point of origin with quite a bang of it's own?

Would this first (of many?) reflection then be considered significant in it's time relationship (in fractions of a Femtosecond?) to the initial wave?

How many of these reflections might there be possible in the initial expansion (and did it last only a couple of Femtoseconds to reach near it's present size?)

Perhaps a series of secondary/tertiary, etc., waves could account for the dominant forms of matter we see in our universe as well as account for the incredibly dense amount of information created by the interactions of more than 'only' a single wavefront moving ever outward?

Thanks for your consideration! best, Rob H (Norther California)


There wouldn't be any reflected wave, because that requires a surface to reflect off of, and no such surface would have existed at any time during or after the Big Bang. As the Universe grew there would be waves of a sort, but in the form of gravitational waves created by quantum fluctuations in the density of the various parts of the expanding Universe. Theories of variations in the small-scale structure of the microwave background are in fact based on such fluctuations.


is there anything exist called time portal?, and my guess is that the black hole is a time portal ,is it correct? tell me the reasons for each. and thank you


The big bang theory is an attempt to explain how the universe formed. It is not one of my best subjects, so a better answer might come from someone else, but off the top of my head I have never heard of time portals in relation to the big bang. Time portals are more of a paranormal phenomenon. From the little research I have done in the past few minutes it is unrelated to the big bang. There seem to be many claims of recorded images of time portals. and might be helpful sites.


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