Black holes and the universe

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i was reecently watching a tv show about space and astronomy and this person (cant remember the name he proposed that there could be universes stuck together or with mini gaps between them if so would it also be possible that 1 universe could feed the other universe with matter from black holes ?i know this does not solve the creation of the universe(s)but could it work ?


Hi Nathan, In science, one does NOT speculate on what is NOT proven or known. So truly what can one say?

It is best to be patient and await fresh inputs.

Dont you feel?

Yes! But the pet theory department in science never closes! I have many pet theories and i indulge in them on hot summer evenings, and disappear in my own wonderland like Alice did.

All of us have that luxury.

The trick is to know when one is in wonderland and when one is in the real world!!


But more seriously, it is important to cats honing their hunting skills when at play, wondering sometimes serendiptiously throws up important insights!

Tweedledum amd tweedledee, the mad hatter and his watch, the cheshire cat, all add up to something important once in a while.

regards Jayen


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