Blower/ heater for my prefab firebox

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Fireplace Heater option

I have a Temtex model TFC 362 prefab firebox installed when the house was built in 1992 I think. The photo of the one I attached seems like it would work but it says I would need to elevate my glass doors and I see no space for that and it also says Designed for masonry fireplaces, not intended for zero-clearance fireplaces.

Any ideas on Blower/Heater I can easily install to get the most heat from my fires and still be within code/safe.


Sorry but you can not install those heaters in that kind of fireplace, maybe a direct vent gas/propane stove? can go on any out side wall and needs no chimney, looks like a wood stove but throws a ton of heat (I have one and use a regular box fan on it and it works great), check your local wood stove store for some thing like this Fireplaces really do not produce a lot of heat but waist more.


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