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i have a 1990 fleetwood with the front wheel drive. i had an idle and brake problem and i knew it could have been related so i changed the idle control motor and still have brake problems. sometimes they go all the way to the ground and sometimes it has a little pressure behind the petel but it will still go to the ground. any ideas on the problem?



For years GM had problems with their anti-lock control under the hood. Here is what I do when I have a problem vehicle. It costs $30 for a one year membership and if you get data from additional cars, its $16 each. Here you will download the complete factory service manual for your car. All the diagnostics are there, troubleshooting, everything! If your mechanic does not have info on the car, you can give to him.

Look, free information is fine, but why guess? It just costs you more money. This way, you can possibly diagnose anything you run into with the car. Manuals can cost you hundreds if you can even find them. This is is $30 which will give you the ability to fix almost anything on the car. If 90 is not available, 91, 92, 93 are essentially the same car except for the engine.

If this helps you and saves you tons of money, please let me know. It has been the benchmark over Mitchell and all the rest. At least for me.

Good Luck!


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