Break in petsafe underground dog fence

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QUESTION: We have an underground fence and have conducted all the troubleshooting tips available. We have determined it is a partial break somewhere in the line. We have a Petsafe line break detector, but it does not seem to pick up partial break areas. We have an OHM meter - Is there a way to narrow down where the break may be located? We have 1000' of line and the ground is frozen with a bit of snow. Thanks Phil

ANSWER: What is your ohm meter reading when you put it on the fence (W / no transmitter attached)?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It was as high as it could go.


If it is going as high as it can go on all settings, then you have a full break. The only 100% sure way to find the break is to splice into the fence and loop back to the other end, each time cutting the field in half. I would double check anywhere you have a splice before you do all of that. Also check any areas where some sort of change has happend, even as little as driving a car over the line. You will find that splices and cuts make up over 90% of all breaks in the line.


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