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How many circuit breakers or total amount of amp/breaker can safely be connected to a 200 amp panel?

My neighbor ask me to look at his panel and I said it looks over loaded now. He wants to install an electric fire place in his mfg home.

Thank you J Fleming


Breaker panels will allow only a certain number of breakers. For 200 amps, it is 40 breakers.

As far as overloaded with amps, it is much more complicated than that. But generally when all the slots are filled, it is time to upgrade. However, there really isn't more than a 200 amp for a home. A very large house would have two 200 amp panels, but that is unusual.

Unless the house has all electric heat, there should be amp capacity to run a fireplace with a 200 amp main. Sometimes people use sub panels to get around the 40 breaker max. However, I can't imagine how someone could use all 40 slots without a reason. So, someone would have to analyze his particular situation.

I could comment more if I knew how many amps the fireplace was, if all 40 slots are filled, and if so, why they are filled.


I am removing an electric stove, can I use the cable and breaker to feed a subpanel? Wire is 4 gauge aluminium


A subpanel providing 120/240 will require an isolated neutral, so the cable will need to have 3 insulated conductors and a ground, bare or insulated.

Contact your local AHJ [authority having jurisdiction] for corroboration and/or approval.


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