Broken chime rod, ansonia b22 tambour

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QUESTION: I have a fabulous B22 Ansonia clock that keeps great time. The chiming mechanism seems to work great, too. However, two chimes don't work. One, (the largest at perhaps 10 inches) the chime rod has broken at the source, the other is still attached but sags onto the floor of the clock. Where would I find the parts? Can I repair this myself if I get the parts? I live in Oregon. Thanks!

ANSWER: Some chime rods are replaceable. Are these rods screwed into the block or swedged in?

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QUESTION: They must be wedged in, as I see no screws in the block.


I don't know of anyone who has replaced rods this way and gotten a great sound out of the. I have done it myself and the tone is always a little "dead". It would be best to find another chime block. Can you send me a photo of the chime block?


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