Burying a wire from house to garage

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I'm a new home owner (in Lakewood, Ohio) and upon the city's home inspection stated that I have to "take the electrical underground". The City Inspector was referring to the Electrical running from the House to the Garage (distance is about 40 feet).

I'm wondering how deep the wire has to be buried and if you have a recommendation on the quantity and what # wiring to use. I already plan on feeding the wires, using a PVC raceway/tubing.

I'd like to do as much of this myself to save me the cost of having a contractor do it. If you have any other questions or recommendations I'd appreciate them.

Thank you, Troy


These questions are always better asked of the person making the inspection. He has the final say, and he doesn't want to come out twice any more than you want him to fail you. So, he should not mind a few questions so you are on the same page.

Normally the minimum depth is 18 inches. The size of the wire would depend on many things, but especially the number of amps you need, the length, and the type of wire. Remember, if you are using conduit, then you have to use wire made for conduit. You have to use individual wires, you can't use service entrance, non-metallic, etc. That means you either have to use conduit from end to end, or splice the wires, which is not easy for thicker wire.


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