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Hi I need help calculating radio buttons. I have a questionnaire for a performance review I am putting together which has options like click 5 for Excellent 4 for Good 3 Fair etc. I need radio buttons for each and need to calculate the final average. I know how to create radio buttons, but do not know how to create a formula/function that will calculate the average answer chosen. This is urgent as I am on a deadline.



Each GROUP of radio buttons has a linked cell, so clicking on one in the group will make the linked cell be a value from 1 to 5 (or as many buttons as you have) - to turn them all off, put =NA() in the linked cell. If all the linked cells were in column F, for example, and you have 5 groups of buttons (linked to F1:F5), you could do something like =AVERGAE(F1:F5)



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