Can't get our bath vent/light combo to run on seperate switches

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QUESTION: Hello.. I'm hoping you can "throw some light" on my situation.. Bath/vent model is the NuTone 757SNNT. We cannot seam to get this to work on our 2 switches that we have. The fan works fine but the light will not work independently of the fan no matter what we try. Switches and all wires test out fine. What we have currently are 2 general switches. The one wired for the light feeds the switch wired for the fan. The NuTone has 4 wires. 1 set is black and white coming from the fan motor and the others are blue and white coming from the light receptacle. We can get the unit to work in every way except independent of each other on 2 seperate switches. What are we missing or can this not be done? Do I have to have NuTones "dual control" switch? Thank you..

ANSWER: Here is a diagram of what it should look like if the power originates at the switches.

Light Fan

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QUESTION: Thank You for the quick response. We have the 2 switches powered by a feed line that runs up through the walls to a junction box where the main power feed is. There is also a GFCi outlet that is fed from this junction box. That GFCi outlet then feeds another GFCi outlet. The GFCi's work fine. On your diagram you show a "red" wire. I do not have a red wire.? I used all 12-2 wire for everything. Maybe that was a mistake? Thanks again for such a quick response.. Darek


Light Fan

If you did not run 12/3 from the switches to the light/fan it means you had to run two 12/2 wires. Which is okay. All the whites get connected at the light/fan and the light gets connected to one black and the fan to the other black. Here is a diagram.

If you ran one 12/2 to the light/fan you have three choices: 1. Live with one switch controlling both. 2. Install a remote. 3. Run another set of wires to the light/fan from the switches.


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