Can lights in first floor ceiling

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I want to put some 4" can lights in the ceiling of my foyer (1971 2 story w/ AL wiring). I've pulled a permit for the work, ran a home run out to a switch box for the lights and am ready to start installing the cans. The framing is 2x8 joists.

I ran into a question, though. I was going to use remodel cans and just cut channels into the ceiling drywall in order to bore 5/8" holes for the wire to run perpendicular to the joists.

Is there a better way to do this though? The local HD guys offered a really long drill bit - but I am not too keen on using one of those... How do you know you aren't drilling through other wiring or plumbing, etc.?

If I should just cut the channels, how wide do they need to be? I want to make sure it is easily visible so that the inspector has no reason not to pass my work...

Thanks! Mark


Do you not have attic access? How are you running the wire to the switch and then up to the ceiling?

Lets say you do not have attic access, meaning that no one can crawl up there and step on the wires. Your inspector may allow you run your wires across the joists and secure them close to the cans with staples. 6" cans allow enough room to do this, but it may be tough with 4".

I am not a fan of 4" can lights because it takes so much more to cover the same area as 6" cans.

Anyway, wires can be fed from one light to the other pretty easily and then secured to the side of the joists. There are staple guns for romex wiring so you do not have to get a hammer in the hole.


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