Cat appetite

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My cat was recently sick and is slowly improving. We took him to the vet and he received Metronidazole. After taking it for 1 day I noticed that his appetite decreased and he stopped eating. I called the vet and he told me to discontinue use of the antibiotic. He hasn't had any of the antibiotic for 15 hours and he has eaten a very small amount of food. I'm wondering if this is normal and will his appetite return slowly, or fast?


Becca, It may take 24-36 hrs before his appetite returns if it truly was a reaction to the Metronidazole. If he continues to not eat you should have him seen, even at an emergency clinic because cats that don't eat can get sick very fast. They can develop a liver problem called Hepatic Lipidosis that can be very serious. I hope he starts eating soon and that you have a nice Holiday. Dr. G.


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