Cat loosing hair

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I am not sure if this is a skin disease but seems like it. I had her on science diet for hairballs but it didn't work very well and she was still throwing up.

I changed to holostic select and she still had problems. Now she is on Natural choice (complete care), and she is no longet throwing up.

Her hair has been coming out in little tufts and her back knees are so thin i can see her skin when they are bent. She seems normal, eating, drinking, the skin is still healthy with no marks on it.

She is about 5 years old, i got her from a co-worker two years ago and she has never had problems execpt for throwing up from hair. She is completely indoor cat never been outside in her life, and as far as i know she has never had shots, and is not spayed.

I was wondering if it is a skin disorder or can changing food make there hair fall out for a short time, or is the food itself making her hair fall out?


Most cats that are losing hair do so because of skin allergies. This can be an allergy to some component of the food, but it is usually to something else, like fleas or pollens or molds. When cats have food allergies, they usually have itching on their face.

Ask your vet to check the cat and if possible, give a shot of a long acting steroid called DepoMedrol. If that takes away the itching, then it is an environmental allergy. Food allergies do not respond to steroids.


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