Cat with dental infection

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Hi! I took my cat to the vet Wednesday because of her poor appetite and hiding under the bed. The doctor said her gums were red and inflamed and her teeth needed to be cleaned, and this was most likely the reason she didn't feel good or want to eat. Unfortunately, because of the holiday, the soonest they can take care of her teeth is next Thursday. She is eating even less now, and I'm worried. Is there anything I can do to ease her pain or reduce the infection in her mouth? I know dental infections can be life threatening for animals. Thanks!


I am hoping that your veterinarian did bloodwork to rule out other causes for loss of appetite besides dental disease. For example, kidney disease, diabetes, FeLV and FIV virus. If her dental disease is really the cause, then she should have started antibiotics right away while you are waiting for your appointment for the dental procedure. Also, there are pain medications such as Metacam or Buprinex that would make her much more comfortable until next Thursday. Is your veterinarian open today,Saturday? If so I would call and ask for one of those meds. However, it is imperative that they know her bloodwork is all normal before starting any of those meds. If she does not eat between now and next Thursday I am concerned that she will get dehydrated and not be in good shape for the lengthy anesthesia required for the dental. Good luck!


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