Ceiling fan installation--12/2 to 12/3

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I am installing a new ceiling fan with lights and a new wall switch. There is no existing overhead light or wall swith. The new wall switch calls for 3 wires coming from the wall. I need to hook 12/3 wire to a junction box with 14/2 power supply. I am not sure how to hook the 3 wires to the 2 wires in the junction box. I also am wondering if 12/3 or 12/2 wire should come from the new switch to the fan.

Thanks in advance for any information/advice.


Steve Run a 14-3 wire from the ceiling box to the wall switch. 12-2 is too much for a ceiling fan. In the switch box you will have a 14-3 and a 14-2 feed,tie the black wires together with a pig tail to on on the switch. then hook up the red wire to the switch. Then tie the whites to white the ground to ground. In The ceiling box use the red wire for the light and the black wire for the fan,as the fan has a speed control on the unit and you can control the speed that way.


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