Ceiling fan not turning

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our ceiling fan (only 18 months old) does not turn. The light works, but fan will not turn in either direction. Any ideas to trouble shoot? thanks in advance


Does the same switch on the wall control both the light and the fan?

If so, it may be that the wire that feeds the fan (you have a hot wire from the switch feeding both the fan and light in the top of the fan) has come loose, or the pull chain quit working, or the motor has simply quit working.

Before working on it turn off the breaker feeding it.

It is sometimes easier to just pull the fan down to work on it. Some are easier and lighter than others.

But either way, the wire that goes from the hot to the fan needs to be looked at to see if it is loose. If it looks and feels okay then you should check the pull chain switch. You would use either a voltmeter or ohmmeter (one you check with the power on and the other with the power off) If it checks out okay then you need to just look around for any loose wiring or burnt wiring.

If you have power all the way through the pull chain switch then it is mostly likely a problem with the motor.

If your fan/light is on a dimmer then it may be that the fan was not meant to be on a dimmer and the motor burnt out.


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