Ceilung fan-light wiring

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i just fit my nutone 763rln fan and light into my bathroom. there are two cables in the attic space for the unit to attatch to. the first is white and holds 3 wires, (a white one a red one and a black one.) the second cable is white and has two wires in it, (a white wire and a black wire also). both cables have a ground wire also. my new exhaust fan has 2 plug ins, one for fan, one for light. one plug is black with a green ground wire, a black wire and a white wire. the white plug has only a white wire and a blue wire. i have two switches. main concern is what to do with the red wire. thank you


Bathroom fan/light diagram

I will try to walk you through this but I can't be 100% sure without a tester and seeing the situation. First thing is the wire all have a white jacket that means they are 14 gauge or 15 amp wires. Now you have two plugs for your fan. One is for the light the other is for the fan. I will have to assume that the 14-2 wire is your feed. That means you should have 120 volts between the white and black wire.

If this is true you will hook the hot black of the 14-2 to the white wire of the 14-3. That will sent the hot down to the switches on the white wire. At the switches the White wire will jump to the bottom of each switch.

At the top of the switch you will attach either the Red wire or the Black wire. You will be making one switch become the controller of the Red wire and the other switch become the controller of the Black wire.

Back at the fan attach the white wire from the 14-2, the neutral to the white wire from each outlet. Then Attach either the switched Red or switched Black to the blacks of one or the other outlets.

Tie all the grounds together and you are done. I know that this could be hard to follow. Switching something like this maybe outside of what most home owners ability.


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