Cell validation

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how can I add an adjacent validation cell to this fix.....see below. looking for any text in cell c7 & d7 it seems there are NO text wild cards for this

Mark wrote at 2009-09-21 14:30:57 Why not simply use the function ISTEXT? Or am I missing something? For example, =ISTEXT(C7) will return TRUE if C7 contains text, or FALSE otherwise. If you want it to return the numeral 1 for TRUE, you can expand it with an IF, such as =IF(ISTEXT(C7),1,0))


I don't fully understand your question. You want to restrict a user from entering any text in there? can't you just use data validation?

select the 2 cells, and i don't know if you're onor 2007, but add data validation for only decimal.

is that what you want?


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