Chandelier wont work.

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So last night I went to change one of the light bulbs on my chandelier, when I went to take the bulb out, the metal base of the bulb broke off in the fixture. At the same time the bulb broke off in the socket, all the other bulbs in the chandelier stoped working. I was able to get the base of the bulb out and replaced. Now the chandelier wont turn on at all. I have checked the breaker, all bulbs are good. Im not sure how to fix this!!


You need to test the voltage at the connection to the chandelier above the canopy at the ceiling. To do so follow this procedure: Turn off the circuit. Disconnect the fixture wires under the canopy at the ceiling level. Insulate the ends of home wiring in the junction box. Turn on the circuit. Test for voltage with a voltmeter at the insulated home wiring you just disconnected from the fixture. If you do not have proper voltage, put the switch in the other position and test again. If you still do not have proper voltage you'll need to go further and test it at the switch. If you do have proper voltage, remove the fixture from the ceiling. Place fixture on carpet to work on it and avoid scratching it. Remove all glass, crystal, ect. Disassemble fixture to get to the portion where all the arms attach in the center. There is a splice inside this area of the fixture. Examine splice for loose wires. If none found. Isolate each wire and test continuity to look for breaks. Replace wire as necessary.

My best guess is that the fixture is fine and you have tripped the circuit some where. So, before you go through all this work, recheck your breakers by turning them off and back on one at a time. If that does not do it, look for a GFCI receptacle somewhere in the house and reset it. The GFCI could be anywhere and I mean anywhere, so look in all places even if you don't think it's going to be there. Common locations are garage, kitchen, baths, basements, mechanical rooms, outside receptacles.

Let me know what you find by putting a comment in the rating of this response. Sorry for the delay in an answer but I just joined this site and am going through the back log.

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