Changing 220 into 110

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I have an old 220 outlet that I don't use anymore but I would like to run a three way switch and some lights into another room using this power source is this possible? And how do i go about doing it?


At the breaker box there should be a double breaker for this outlet. If there is a red and black on the breakers, disconnect the red at both ends. If there is a black and white wire, then take the white wire off the breaker and put it where the other white wires are on the bar. You should then have 120 volts using the black and white wires. Make sure there is a bare ground wire.

There are some other things you have to watch. A general lighting circuit can be only 15 or 20 amps. If the breaker is bigger, then you need to replace the breaker with a smaller one. It is OK to use thicker wire than is needed, but make sure any wire you add is at least 12 gauge for 20 amps or 14 gauge for 15 amps. If the wire for the 220 is very thick, it may be hard to work with. You will need to keep the junction box where the old outlet was with a blank cover to splice the wires (or put a 110 volt outlet there unless it is in a kitchen bath or dining room.)


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