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I can change cell colours by clicking them and changing them that way. I can also use conditional formatting to change the cell data is a set value. But I can only add 3 conditional formatting settings. What do I do if I want more than 3 different cell colours. I have a range of different levels to be added to a spreadsheet next to people's names and for each level I was hoping to change the cell colour so that I could clearly see if any were above or below a set level that was required but there are 3 sub levels for each level. So wanted to pick my many 4 levels and then have a different shade of that colour for the different sub levels. This means that there could be 12 different colours. Is there a way of doing this using a formula? Many thanks Richard


there is no way I am aware of doing that using a formula. You might achieve that using VBA after hours of setting up the exact code with the exact colours you want.

Now,2007 is a different story. Using the user friendly interface of the ribbons, you will quickly do what you want. Now, instead of 3 rule limit, you will have the enormous amount of limit

follow this link if you wish to study the differences between2003 and 2007


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