Cherry Wood Table Sponge Marks

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 06:09 PM GMT

I purchased a cherry dining room table recently from a 3rd party. When I got it home, I realized there were several marks at the one end which look like someone used a sponge and did not dry it properly. There are not any white marks or rings-- simply what looks like marks left over from wiping the table with a sponge. Is this in the finish? How do I get rid of these marks so I'm not embarrassed to have it uncovered? The mfr. is Broyhill if that helps.


This could be moisture or heat damage to the finish...I'm assuming you've tried wiping the table down with a damp cloth and hand drying it? If it isn't affected by a simple cleaning... then it's damage to the finish, and it will have to be restored, or even possibly refinished. Perhaps that's why they got rid of redoing a whole lacquer top can be a bit pricey....I could suggest trying to spray the top with a "blush erasing" type of solvent product, but this is really best tried by someone who knows what they're doing, as it can also ruin the finish...perhaps you have a Restorer in your area that can come evaluate it with you.


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