Chime is off by 5 minutes or more

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QUESTION: This has been an on going problem, I meant the minute hand, you said you were confused when i said second hand. I can not turn the raised bushing, how can I turn it from the flat side of the minute hand? It looks like a square peg in a round hole !! Any more advice on how I can turn it ? It will not move even from the raised bushing on the front of the hand.Thank you for your patience.

ANSWER: For what ever reason we are not communicating. Could you possibly send me a digital picture of the hand, showing the bushing. With that, perhaps, we can resolve this problem. I truly regret I have been unable to help you solve this dilemma. Regards WJP

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: can not send a picture. all I want to know is why the bushing wont turn, The bushing looks like a raised screw on the minute hand, the back of the bushing is flush in the back of the minute hand and it looks almost like there's a tiny square in the bushing. I have tried to turn the raised bushing (screw?) with a plyers but it wont turn. Is this explanation helpful or have I confused you more???


No you are not confusing me more, rather, I seem to be confusing you. The task I have described to you is quite simple and straight forward. There is no alternative, the bushing must be turned. The best way to do this is to use the tools I have suggested, a pair of pliers or the tang of a file that will fit snugly into the square hole. It is possible that someone, in the past, has soldered the bushing into its present position. (A stupid thing to do, so therefor,unlikely) That is one of the reasons I wanted a picture. If indeed it is soldered you might as well give up on it and purchase a new hand in order to effect repair. Regards WJP


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