Chime volume

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Hi Horologica. I have several antique mantle clocks belonging to a elderly client, and she says the chimes aren't anywhere near as loud as they used to be.I don't see how you can adjust the volume of the hammer hitting the bell. Could it simply be that at the age of 85 she is a bit deafer than she used to be, or can the volume really be increased?. Regards Jerry


You're right, Jerry. There is no volume control on an antique chiming/striking clock!

The fact that she has complained thet they ALL sound quieter suggests her hearing has deteriorated. If she is getting really irritated by it though, you could try removing the leather inserts in the hammers. The tone will be much, much sharper (all the mellowness will disappear) but frankly it's not something I'd recommend. - where only time will tell


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