Chimney extension

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chimney extension

Sold our house. Just needed Wett cert. for new owner. We need 3' extension on our chimney.We are told they don't make it anymore can't do an extension. New chimney would be $2375.We just want an extension. We don't have that kind of money just for a WETT cert. Can a sheetmetal worker not make something work(collar wise) to fit one size to another.The chimney is 6" inside and almost 11" outside.


these pipes have a 25 year life span ish, also some older pipes and companies have gone out of business, do you know who made this pipe? if so you might be able to find what you need. If you can not find this same pipe then it must all be replaced. This pipe can not be made by a sweet metal worker, nor can you use some one else's pipe. If you find the manufacturer of the pipe (Metalbestos, Duratech...) I might be able to help you find it, there should be a sticker on the pipe Let me know If you can't find the pipe then the hole system must be replaced. sorry


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