Chimney pipe

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I would like to ad a wood stove in my basement to keep the house warmer and cut down on the electric bills. I have only 1 area, as I see it, to exit the flue pipe, because of covered porches. I would like to put the stove in the center of the room about 20 feet from my " exit" wall. Can I run the flue pipe up from the top of the stove, and then about 20 feet horizantally to the area that it can pass thru the exterior wall? Thank you very much. Pat


the horizontal can be no longer than 75% of the vertical so the chimney would need to be 30' tall. My advice is put the stove as close to the wall as possible and run a fan on it. and run it up the out side of the home in Double wall All Fuel SS chimney also check with your local building department


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