Chrysler lhs 1997: ac marginal

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HI Roland I have a Chrysler LHS 1997. With your help , my dad replaces the blower motor module and the air can be turned off. Now the problem is the a/c not working, had it recharged yesterday, they added freon, said it was empty. It works now except that air not ice cold (maybe because it is an old car) and when gas pedal is depressed it stops blowing cold air. Could there be a leak of some sort maybe? Thanks, Melissa


Hi Melissa, The ability of system to retain coolant also means possibly that the pressure in the system is a bit lower than it might be otherwise so that makes it less capable of cooling the incoming air. Or it may be that the blend air door is not completely closing off the air pathway thru the heater core so he might try the re-circ setting which doesn't bring in outside air to an appreciable extent. Also, it might be that although the system was refilled it is leaking more rapidly than expected, and that if true would ultimately again cause the system controller to not activate the compressor because of too little refrigerant. So see what happens and if the ac refuses to work at all (no compressor activation) then it means going back to see if a leak can be found (unless that was attempted recently) that is repairable (and if not then probably replacing the compressor). It is very easy to replace the refrigerant yourself at a cost of about $40 for the refrigerant and the hose/adapter to use to intall it. Subsequent additions once you have the hose/adapter run about $30 for the R-134 coolant and so if he wants to keep the ac going without undue cost he might well want to start re-charging the system himself. That is what I do. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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