Circuit breaker does not trip, but still no electricity

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I'm having problems with my power in the home. All power in my living room is out and all the lights and some of the plugs (not all of them) in my kitchen are also out of power. I went to where my Circuit Breaker is and found all of them are still in the "On" position. Nevertheless, I tried switching all of them off and on again, but areas that are out of power remain unchanged. None of the Wall Outlets in both the Living Room and the Kitchen have a GFCI Circuit Breaker (the one that has a "Test" and "Reset" button). I'm pretty much stumped and don't know what to do next. The rest of my room still has power, though.


The kitchen outlets are supposed to be on a different circuit than any outlets in any other room other than the dining room any lighting.

It sounds like there is a disconnected wire somewhere. These things can be hard to track down. Somewhere in the circuit, there is a break. It could even be at a device that is working, because it could be the wire leaving the working device that is not working.

Check all outlets, switches, and lights. Check the wire nuts, because the wire could look connected, but not be. Especially check any outlets and switches that have the wires pushed in the back rather than screwed to the sides, because sometimes these fail. You may want to get a circuit analyzer for under $10 at any home center which will narrow it down to the white or black wire.


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