Cleaning and Repairing Raised Panel Walls

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 06:09 PM GMT

I am buying a pub.Most of the walls are constructed of beautifully handcrafted raised panels. However they are dinged up, have scuff marks, etc. Without having to sand then completely an endless task, how can I clean up and repair scuffs and nicks.


Heres what I would do. Get some mineral spirits (called varsol in Canada), and a couple of boxes of medium grade steel wool pads (not SOS). Dip the wool in the spirits and really scrub the walls. Work with the grain of the wood. Dry with clean rags as you go. Just this alone will hugely improve the look and remove all the grease, grime, scuff marks and smoke. Next get a can of low luster tung oil and wipe on a coat with a rag. New walls.


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