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I have a seth Thomas wall clock with quartz bim bam movement- chime w/pendulaum. Approx 30 yrs old. I believe the motor is burned out # A 036-011. I am trying to locate one at a reasonable price. Do you have any suggestion where I can look on-line. Thank you for your time. Deb


Hi Deb, there is only one quartz bim bam movement being made that uses real chime bars like the original Seth Thomas one. When installing it you would remove your movement and the chime block because the new movement has its own chime bars. It is slightly wider than the original so you need a little extra room inside the clock case. You also will want to get a new pair of hands with the movement because the mounting holes on the old hands were a different size. You can see this movement here: the most common hands on these clocks is the 4-1/2" spade type. You can see available hands here: Thanks,


I found this clock in my dads things. I asked another expert about it but they couldn't really tell me much. Other than they feel it was from the 1930-1940. I will enclose the picture with this e-mail on the face of the clock it says Phinney Walker Jeweled. it looks like on the face of it it has a dot (I thought these were the jewels) below/beside each number. I guess the jewels are on the inside of the clock not the face so I am not sure what the little dots are on the face. This clock was made in Germany, it has 09/XI stamped on the wind up part. It looks like there is something missing from it, a cover of some sorts. I am not sure if the clock works anymore, when I try to wind it, the part that turns spins back into the original position. There is one dial on the back that I am not sure what it does, doesn't change the time. It looks like on the left of it is S with a - below it and on the right an F with a + sign. Any information you could give me about this clock would be greatly appreciated. thanks Cindy


Evidently your picture upload failed so I will try to answer your questions from the information provided. Phinney Walker typically made high-grade travel clocks. A statement of movement jewels are a reference to bearing jewels contained in the movement, the dots you see on the dial are either a phosphorus paint or radium for night time illumination. The winding problem you have is a failure of the winding rachet that is supposed to keep the mainspring in a wound position. The + and - (F&S) is for time keeping adjustment to slow down or speed up the timekeeping.


QUESTION: I found this old clock in my dads things and can't seem to find any information about it. I am not sure if it is missing a piece that is should sit on or not. All I can see on the clcok is face (Phinney Walker-Jeweled) looks like there is 12 jewels one for each number. back (Semca clock co. inc. Germany) on the wind up part it is stamped 09/XI Could you tell me how old this clock is? I am enclosing a picture of the front. Thank you very much for your time.

front of clock

ANSWER: I will tell you what I know but you may need to ask another expert for more information. The 12 jewels will be inside the clock movement, not of the face. My best guess of the age is late 1930s to mid 1940s. These clocks were intended to be travel alarms and there may have been a cover of leather or some other material that closed over the clock. I have never seen this model so I don't know for sure. Thanks,


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QUESTION: who do you reccomend I talk to to find out more about this clock? If the jewels are on the inside I am not sure what is below each number, looks like a little circle jewel. thanks for your help


You can go back to the All Experts page and find another expert in the clocks and watches category and then submit your question again. I can't tell what is on the face of the clock but when a clock or watch lists the number of jewels they are generally referring to the number inside the clock movement. Jewels are used in the pivot points to cut down on wear. The perception is that the more jewels, the better the movement. This is not always true. Also, any jewels in the movement had to be declared for customs when the movement is exported. Most jewels are synthetic now but they still list the number.


Hi Mike,

   I'm doing some work in a 1950s style ice cream store that just opened. The owner has an artist that's decorating the walls with artwork depicting things from the 50s. One of the things she has painted on the wall is a picture of a 78 rpm record about 8 feet in diameter. Around the "groove" part of the record she has painted "rock around the clock". The label area is about 3.5 feet in diameter and she has painted 3/6/9/12 as on a clock face. I would like to mount a clock movement behind the drywall and have hands long enough to make the label area into a real clock. Do you know where I could get a movement and hands long enough to work. I don't care if it's a quartz or electric movement. Thanks.



We have battery movements and hands that are available in sizes of 12", 14" , 17-1/2" and 17-3/4". This is the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the tip. So a 12" hand will turn in a 24" circle. 3-1/2" in diameter. A 17-3/4" hand (longest available) will turn just inside a 3' circle. These sets are about $27.00 each. If you need longer hands you would have to use our Glo Dial movement. It can push hands up to 22" long. You can see our battery sets at: The electric glo dial movement is at this page: clock parts and repair


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